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Comprehensive SAT Prep Course

No drill-and-kill methods. No regurgitating textbooks from other companies.

Intellegym’s Comprehensive SAT Preparation Course is designed to be an industry-changer. Our 10-week, 100+ hour program not only gets you the test scores you need; it prepares you to to recognize the patterns underlying the test, which will serve you well into college and beyond.

If you are looking for a shorter, more intensive program, check out the SAT Prep Crash Course.

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SAT Prep Course Program Structure

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The first four weeks of the curriculum are dedicated to giving students a deep understanding of the concepts that underlie the SAT. After week four, we pivot to the test itself, and strategies for recognizing those concepts as they appear in the SAT.


The Content module focuses on equipping students with the necessary academic tools in the areas of reading comprehension, grammar, mathematics, and rhetorical analysis. Students can expect to revisit past topics in preparation for learn new concepts. Our objective is to build familiarity and confidence in all the content of the SAT, but these are skills and knowledge bases that will serve students throughout their academic careers.


Our Strategy course emphasizes analytical reasoning, pattern recognition, and time-management strategies to help students optimize their test-day performance. Students are encouraged to be proactive rather than reactionary when confronting the SAT. We provide the insight on how to recognize the key features and tendencies in every test.


The program begins with a diagnostic SAT, which we analyze to pinpoint students’ areas of need and tailor instruction accordingly.

Actual SAT Schedule

During the program, students will take a total of 5 real SATs administered under actual testing conditions, ensuring that students graduate deeply familiar with the test and prepared to shine.

The first step to joining the course is to sign up for a free diagnostic.

Schedule your free SAT diagnostic now! Free Diagnostic


Our instructors have all scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and our students boast an average increase of 210 points per session. This improvement is conditional on the student completing all reading assignments, weekly writing prompts, practice drills, and problem sets over the duration of the course.  Learn more about the Intellegym team.

Fall and Spring Comprehensive sat Prep Course

The SAT Bootcamp is your opportunity to take the full course—both the Content and Strategy modules—in a 10-week intensive program. This SAT course will benefit both Sophomores and Juniors who are preparing for their first official SAT in December 2019 or Spring 2020. See 2019 SAT dates and 2020 SAT dates for more information about upcoming administrations

Each class is limited to 15 students and provides over 100 hours of instruction. All students will be asked to take a diagnostic test before starting the course. Students will also take 4 full-length practice test before their scheduled test date.

Upcoming Course Schedule:

September 21 to December 1, 2019
Saturdays and Sundays
9 AM to 3 PM

January 4 to March 8, 2020 Saturdays and Sundays
9 AM to 3 PM