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We call ourselves a gym because we believe in what the fitness industry has preached for decades— consistency.

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We offer a wide range of academic services for our students, ranging from 1-on-1 tutoring for schoolwork to small-size prep classes for the SAT and ACT.

We practice what we preach, which means consistently improving our curriculum, materials, and teaching methods. Our goal is provide the most comprehensive programming possible so that we will be the only resource you need in your journey toward college.


Personal Tutoring

We understand the need for individualized learning plans and timelines, so we are proud to provide 1-on-1 private tutoring for a wide range of subjects.


Sat and ACT Test prep

Standardized testing is often the most daunting hurdle for students. Accordingly, we provide courses that focus on both academic content as well as test-taking strategies.

College consulting

The college application process is always changing, so let us navigate the journey with you. We help students with every stage—from searching to applying to selecting their ideal college.


AP Exam & SAT II Test prep

AP Exams and SAT 2 Subject Tests are an excellent opportunity for students who have an interest in specific classes and want to demonstrate their ability.




We built our Membership model as a way to encourage students to think of education beyond the classroom. Members can fully utilize all of our resources and staff to help discover and define their unique academic pursuits.

As an Intellegym member, you receive:

  • Access to study hall and tutors

  • Additional Savings

  • Free Workshops

  • Guest Lecturers

  • Individual Instruction

  • On-site extracurricular programming


Our staff is what sets us apart.

From attending some of the nation’s best universities to devoting years in the classroom teaching students, our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and represent a spectrum of professional and personal expertise. In other words, we know firsthand what it takes to succeed and are eager to guide you along the same path. 

Combining our unique experiences, the Intellegym staff is constantly working together to create innovative educational programming to meet not only the latest academic standards but also each student’s individual learning style.


“I completely trust the staff at [Intellegym]. I sent my two kids there for SAT tutoring, and both raised their scores by 250 points. [They] worked closely with my boys and spent extra time to talk me through test prep strategy, college admission guidance, and more.”

—D. Kwon /Parent

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We’re ready to craft the best education plan for you!


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