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Academic Programs

Our goal is provide the most comprehensive programming possible so that we will be the only resource you need in your journey toward college. Some of our core programs include Personal Tutoring, SAT Prep Courses, and College Consulting.

We practice what we preach, which means consistently improving our curriculum, materials, and teaching methods.



Every student learns at his or her own pace. Have you noticed that the pace of the traditional classroom isn’t helping your student meet the mark?

We offer 1-on-1 personal tutoring in all major subject areas as well as standardized test prep. We believe tutoring should provide both intensive instruction and a personalized perspective in order to fulfill each student’s needs.

The SAT is often the greatest hurdle high-school students face. It can feel overwhelming and at times random.

We dedicated hundreds of hours to dissecting every aspect of the SAT and designed a comprehensive curriculum that teaches students the important content and strategies needed to ace this critical-thinking exam.

We offer both a 7-Week Complete SAT Prep Course and a 3-Week SAT Crash Course.


The journey to college has become increasingly difficult over the years. Students must standardized tests and extracurricular activities along with college essays and complex applications.

By pairing with one of our dedicated consultants, students receive guidance on finding the right schools to developing strong personal statements. College admissions is not just about displaying your credentials, it’s about telling your story.