We are constantly updating our programming around major deadlines on the academic calendar as well as requests from our students. If you do not see your desired service listed below, please contact us directly.




We understand that all students learn at different paces and that some prefer 1-on-1 instruction tailored specifically to their individual goals. To accommodate our students, we offer private tutoring in all subject areas and for all our classes. We believe that the value in having a personal tutor is not just intensive instruction, but also the opportunity to develop relationships with our students to best cater to their needs.

Before sessions begin, students will meet with their tutors to discuss what they want to accomplish, as well as their academic strengths and weaknesses. In addition, they will craft a study program best designed to achieve their goals. 


The SAT is often the greatest hurdle high-school students face, so we designed our courses to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of this critical-thinking exam.

Our curriculum is designed around two stages: Content and Strategy

The first step is to ensure that students have mastered the content of the SAT. This includes understanding fundamental math principles, developing robust vocabularies, and recognizing standard English grammatical structure.

After demonstrating their content expertise, students begin analyzing the format and design of the SAT. We teach strategies to identify (and even predict) question composition, wrong-answer traps, and time-wasting material.



Ap exam preparation

It's no secret that the nation's top colleges and universities look for students who challenge themselves. AP exams offer a unique opportunity for students to evaluate their academic skills against the rigors of a collegiate curriculum. We believe that these exams help students understand in-depth material and develop critical thinking skills. Furthermore, scoring well on the national exams can earn students college credits, exempting them from certain courses.

Our AP Exam programming is designed to both aid students in their AP classwork and prepare them for the national exams. Students will be asked to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the course as well as provide transcripts.

Our instructors are all well-versed in their subject fields and have scored 5's on their respective tests.

College consulting

The journey to college has become increasingly difficult over the years. Students must not only juggle academics, extracurricular activities, and standardized tests but also understand the nuances of asking for recommendations, interviewing with alumni, and much more. Contrary to popular belief, the college admissions is not just about displaying your credentials, it is about telling your story.

We provide students with 1-on-1 guidance along every step of the application process, from finding schools that nourish a student’s interests to developing strong personal statements. By partnering with one of our dedicated staff members, students will feel confident they are finding their best school.