College Essay Comprehensive Workshop

Your college essay (also called a personal statement) is one of the most consequential things you’ll ever write, which makes it daunting, to say the least. It’s natural to wonder:

  • What should I write about?

  • How should I structure my essay?

  • How do I know if my essay is ready to submit?

There is no reason to go it alone. We guide you from the blank page to a polished essay, ready to submit. Sign up now and invest in your essay.

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College Essay Comprehensive Workshop Structure

The workshop is held 4 consecutive weeks during the summer for 3 hours per session, totaling 12 hours. The program is structured so that student can walk in with a blank sheet of paper on week 1 and leave with a finished essay at the end of week 4. Our instructors guide students through the entire drafting process.

Additional individual support from tutors will also be made available as needed.

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Week 1 begins with an overview of the college essay and its key role in the college application. Instructors then present the key elements of a powerful essay: personal anecdotes, personal traits and accomplishments, and goals for the future. Students are guided through a series of exercises designed to get as much raw material on paper as possible.

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Week 2 is about selecting and beginning to organize the key pieces of your story. We look at several examples of successful essays with an eye to structure and detail. Students will select from and develop the raw material produced in week 1, and begin to think about voice and tone.

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Week 3 is focused on honing your voice and focusing your message. By the end of this session, students should have a complete rough draft that’s not too far from the word count. We will look at alternative ways to present your story, we’ll decide what is essential and what is disposable.

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Week 4 is polishing, tweaking, and finding the perfect phrasing at every turn. Students will begin with a passable draft and leave with something polished, formatted, under the word count, and ready to submit. We will go over strategies for adapting your essay to different schools and when that might be necessary.

2019 College Essay Comprehensive Schedule

In 2019 two sessions of the workshop will be held.

Seats in the College Essay Comprehensive are strictly limited, in order that we can give each student individual support on their essay. We recommend registering early to reserve your spot.

Workshop Schedule:

Tuesdays, July 2 to July 23 2019
Tuesdays, July 30 to August 20 2019
3 PM to 6 PM

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