AP Exam Preparation

AP Chemistry Test Preparation

In this 6-week AP Chemistry prep course, students will review content and test-taking strategies in preparation for the AP Chem exam. Spending one weekend focused on each of the five “Big Ideas” set forth by the College Board, students will have a chance to do a deep-dive into the most fundamental aspects of the test, revisiting topics from throughout their academic year.

The course will meet in 4-hour segments (with a break!) both Saturdays and Sundays. During this time, students will engage in content-based lessons explained directly from their instructor followed by relevant practice, either individually or in discussion groups. We will utilize the AP rubric to breakdown exactly how these questions will be scored on the exam so students can internalize the structure to maximize their score. We will also have time for hands-on activities and modeling to highlight important lab concepts.

Curriculum Developed by: Bailey Farrell 


3/23/19 to 4/28/19
Saturdays and Sundays
1pm to 5pm