SAT Prep Crash Course

Intellegym’s flagship service is our 100-hour Comprehensive SAT Prep Course. However, we understand that not all students have the availability to commit to such a substantial course and not every student has the same needs. That’s why we offer this abbreviated intensive Crash Course.

The 28-hour SAT Prep Crash Course curriculum is a distillation of the most high-impact strategies and content areas from the Comprehensive Course.

The first step to taking either of our SAT Prep Programs is to attend one of our free diagnostics.

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SAT Crash Course Program Structure

While the Comprehensive SAT Prep Course is designed to develop a solid knowledge base of the SAT content areas—Evidence-Based Reading, Writing, and Math—before moving on to test strategy, the SAT Crash Course tackles content and strategy at the same time from the first day of class. From day one, students are doing real SAT problems in each of the content areas.

The course emphasizes analytical reasoning, pattern recognition, and time-management strategies to help students optimize their test-day performance. Students are encouraged to be proactive rather than reactive when confronting the SAT.


The program begins with a diagnostic SAT, which we analyze to pinpoint students’ areas of need and tailor instruction accordingly, ensuring that no time is wasted.

Over the course of the program, students will take 3 real SATs under authentic testing conditions, ensuring that students walk away familiar with the test and prepared to shine.

The first step to joining the SAT Prep Crash Course is to sign up for a free diagnostic.

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Our instructors have all scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and our students boast an average increase of 210 points per session. This improvement is conditional on the student completing all reading assignments, weekly writing prompts, practice drills, and problem sets over the duration of the course.  Learn more about the Intellegym team.

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